The work of Chris Vermeulen

The work of Chris Vermeulen forms a unity that, at first glance, won't be so easily discovered.

Yet different as they may be, all of her paintings, drawings and "collages" contain a certain vision, colour and line play, that give her art her own personal touch.

We are confronted with a series of classical pieces of art. They all show a strong yet timid "colorite". If the contrasts are desired, then they certainly do the inner-depth, hidden in each subject, justice.

Each and every time something mysterious comes from within, which seems to hold truth to reality.

The colours in her work are mostly dominant, because southern countries with their oversimplified sun and shadows inspire her most.

On the other hand gets the mysterious, the mystical, the opportunity to lead us to the multiple semi-modern works, among which we find the "leitmotiv", the syntheses which was so important for Chris Vermeulen, and in which she exposes part of her soul. Not a single work has a topic which can be easily understood, with titles like: "Masks", "Between Birth and Death", "Creation", "Yin-Yang", a.o.

Could it be true that these canvases were made for none other than a woman? Everything that makes a women a mystery could be found in here, but aren't they also the inner reflection of the creator.

The exotic framework contributes in no small amount to the overall intimate atmosphere which is increased by feeding the scene of southern or eastern types.

Still, they are just symbols and the question remains if the viewer isn't being deceived. Indeed, when you look at it closer, it will appear to be just masks, surrounded by beautiful attributes, who won't reveal or enlighten anything from the woman, despite everything.

With this theme Chris Vermeulen is moving on little used  paths that are unmistakably contested in the feminist way. 


                                                          Text from 1992 by Hector Van Gysel


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03.06 | 20:12

Wat een mooie schilderijen!

28.12 | 15:50

Hello there dear visitors of the USA, you found my website and I like it very much. If you are interested in anyone of my paintings, let me know please. Thanks

30.10 | 17:58

Dit bericht om te laten weten dat er nu ook een website in het Nederlands bestaat van mijn schilderijen :.

19.01 | 09:52

Starten met kunst begint NU in 2018 ! Grijp uw kansen in januari en bespaar 30 %op grote en middelmatige af metingen van schilderijen in pastel, olieverf, acryl

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